2020-2021 Pastoral Council Schedule

Notice for Trustee Nomination

The position of Parish Trustee-Secretary at Blessed Trinity Parish is open for nominations.

Responsibilities of the Role: The Trustee-Secretary is responsible for corporate recordkeeping at the parish other than financial records, such as corporate minutes, documents, notices and correspondence. One of the major responsibilities of the Trustee-Secretary is to ensure that parish records are kept on parish grounds in an easily accessible and orderly fashion. The Trustee-Secretary is responsible for maintaining records of all real property, property tax exemptions, the parish inventory and the parish census.

The Trustee-Secretary is an ex-officio member of the parish Pastoral Council and serves on the parish Finance Council.

For more information, please read the Trustee-Secretary Position Description on the back of the Trustee Candidate Nomination Form.

Qualifications are Minimal: Nominees must be practicing Catholics who are parish members and are at least 25 years old.

Process to Apply: Click on the Trustee Candidate Nomination Form and print or pick up forms in the Parish Office entranceway. Each Trustee Candidate Nomination Form must be signed by 10 parish members who support the nomination (Pastoral Council members can assist with this). Nominees will be required to authorize a credit report for the Pastor to review.

Trustee Candidate Nomination Forms can be placed in the boxes labeled “Trustee Nominations,” located at all church entrances, or dropped off at the Parish Office mailbox. You have until Friday, May 20, 2022, to get your nominations in. The Trustee Election will be held during the weekend Masses of May 28/29, 2022.

The Archdiocese of Milwaukee Parish Trustee Manual can be accessed at https://www.archmil.org/ArchMil/Resources/ParCnl1/Manuals-for-Parishes/ParishTrusteeManual_v2.pdf


Annual Parish Meeting

There was no Annual Parish Meeting in 2021.

Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes

Joint Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes

2021-2022 Pastoral Council Members

  • Deb Hasler – Chairperson; Archdiocese Planning/Deanery Liaison & Joint Parish Activities
  • Judy Woelfel – Vice Chairperson; Liturgy Commission Liaison
  • Sarah Schueffner – Secretary; Finance Council Liaison
  • Kelly Jens – Joint Catholic Life Center Committee Liaison
  • Jessica Jensen – Faith Formation Committee Liaison
  • Ruth Paul – Stewardship/Community Building Commission Liaison
  • Donna Stieghorst – Joint Evangelization Committee Liaison
  • To Be Determined – Human Concerns Commission Liaison
  • Megan Guttmann – Youth Representative
  • Gretchen Rau – Youth Representative
  • Sandy Jordan – Staff Liaison

2021-2022 Parish Trustees

  • Chris Audino – Secretary/Finance Council
  • Terry Rotter – Treasurer/Finance Council

2021-2022 Finance Council Members

  • Chris Audino – Trustee-Secretary/Finance Council
  • Terry Rotter – Trustee-Treasurer/Finance Council
  • Bob Bouche – Finance Council Chairperson
  • Mike Nett
  • Sarah Schueffner – Finance Council Liaison to the Pastoral Council
  • Carol Schwobe – Fundraising Committee Liaison to the Finance Council
  • Lynn Walvoort – Staff Liaison

2021-2022 Budget

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