Curriculum Grades 1st - 12th

Grades 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th are learning about their Faith through a series called "Discover" Finding Faith in Life. This exciting program is designed to engage students in the process of discovering their Faith. The lessons are designed to foster a clearer understanding of the Catholic Faith through an interactive learning approach. Interactive learning brings these lessons to life. The core text of this program is the children's Bible created especially for children using this curriculum. Each chapter contains Scripture passages modified for particular grade level. The scripture passages which coincide with the lessons and activities are a great way for the children to develop a better understanding of the Catholic Bible and how it relates directly to their Faith. This program encourages children to make Faith a part of their daily lives and improves their awareness of Christs presence in their lives. 

2nd Grade Sacrament Preparation For our 2nd Grade Sacrament preparation we use a series called "Go Seek and Find", Discovering God's Treasures. This unique program encourages and inspires children as they journey toward an encounter with Christ through the Sacraments. This series also uses the Bible as its core text. The engaging Scripture passages assist the student to develop a better understanding of the Sacraments and the importance of these Sacraments. The children's Bible allows children to explore Sacraments through a Biblical lens. This knowledge is reinforced through interactive activities and family learning opportunities. 

Grades 6th - 8th Our Middle School students are using a variety of resources to build their Catholic Identity. Some of the 6th and 7th are using a series called "Encounter" which is a video based introduction to the Bible. Through the videos the children are invited to get to know God. This dynamic series introduces children to heroes of the Bible while teaching them how the Bible applies to their daily life. The 7th and 8th graders are using books from a  series titled Jesus Christ, The Church and Morality. These guidebooks invite the children to develop an improved relationship with Christ. Through relevant moral dilemmas the learners are asked to take on the mind of Christ and develop an awareness of the Holy Spirit. Our middle school students are also learning through an online program titled Catholicism 101. This online program is done through independent learning. Participating in the online program encourages the students to build a great Faith Foundation and an improved relationship with Christ. 

Grades 9th and 10th Our 9th and 10th graders are considered part of our Confirmation Prep Program. This group of students participates in large group gatherings and also meets in small groups to of 6-8 students to discuss specific topics. Various topics are taught throughout the year such as The Bible, Prayer Process, The Catholic Mass, Saints, Relationships, Morality, along with Lent and Advent. To address these topics we use a variety of resources including Chosen by Ascension Press, Decision Point by Dynamic Catholic, Alpha videos along with many other video segments pertaining to the days topic. 

11th Grade/ Confirmation Our Confirmation Program has one Goal which is to create Proactive Catholics. Through small group discussion our hope to help the students realize that God has a plan for them. We encourage the students to look beyond the materialistic things that consume their lives and take time out to have a conscious awareness of Gods presence in their lives. We want them to have a good understanding of the problems the Church faces and to have good intentions to help repair the Church through their continued involvement as young adults. We intend to confirm students who want to be Catholic and are willing to take ownership of their Faith.