Program Details: Fees Requirements and Registration




Our program recognizes parents as the child's first teacher. We require good attendance and positive behavior from our students in all grades. Faith Formation begins at home and must be grounded in family life. We strive for parents to lead by example by ensuring regular attendance, getting the students to all classes on time, attending Sunday Mass and Holy Days of Obligation along with your children and finally encouraging and teaching the Faith at home. Through these requirements of good attendance and parent involvement children are more likely to form a true connection with God. If a true connection to God is formed early both through Faith Formation classes and parent involvement the child is much more likely to continue their Faith journey after Confirmation and into adulthood.                                                                                                                                               

Hand book being revised which will include specific age level behavior policies. 



We welcome all new volunteers who wish to share their Faith with our students. All volunteers must complete the Safe Environment Education Training offered and required through our Archdiocese of Milwaukee. If you are interested in volunteering in the Religious Education program please contact Lisa Gross at 920 467 4616 ext 318. 



For all children entering our Faith Formation program for their first year no matter what their age we require a copy of the Baptismal Certificate for our records. We also require a completed registration form for each student/family. Please scroll down to acsess the form.



If you wish to enroll your child in Sacrament preparation at Blessed Trinity such as First Eucharist or Confirmation and they are also being enrolled as a new student in our Faith Formation program please contact the program director Lisa Gross at click here for specific Sacramental preparation requirements.


FEES 2023/2024

Regular Faith Formation Fees are $85.00 per student and are due prior to the first day of class. We offer an Early Bird discount each year when fees are paid by a specific date determined by the business office and DRE.  



In addition to our regular registration fees students preparing for the  Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Eucharist pay a Sacrament fee of $25 due January 1st.  Students preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation pay a Sacrament fee of $100.00 due January 1st. These Sacrament fees are used to cover special activity expenses pertaining to sacrament preparation such as Retreats. 



Completion of a new family registration form is required each year for insurance purposes.